Thursday, October 7, 2010


I will have enough time to post, I promise!  I have so much to say and so many pictures I want to show, but absolutely NO time! I am feverishly (is that how you spell it? is there a spell check?) writing because I just got out of four hours of class, I have to do my online class, and I have to leave for the hospital to go pee in a cup so they can determine if I use drugs. Don't you hate that? I sure do... Can't I just pinky promise that I don't? Guess not!

Well, let me get to the point of this post. I pinky promise that someday I will find the time to write all about our amazing summer adventure and post a million pictures. Promise.

But for a quick quick update...

  • We moved to Highland into Carly's basement and we absolutely love it! We have a ton of fun with the kids and it's great to be able to see them so often. It does get a little roudy sometimes, but we don't mind :)
  • Ry and I are both in school full time and working hard to keep up with the demands of it
  • We got Trafalga and Seven Peaks passes! Anyone want to join us?
  • I just got hired at UVRMC to work on the 6th floor. In hospital! With nurses! I couldn't be more excited and more scared.
  • We are currently on Season 3 of 24. Please do not discuss details of other seasons with us. Not to point fingers or anything... *ahem* Roger Goodwin. Thanks a lot dude.
I'm sure there is a lot more I can write, but I need to go drink some water!

Much love,