Monday, August 5, 2013

Gender Reveal

July 25th we had our ultrasound! It was so much fun to see our little one and to see the heart, brain, spine, arms, legs, kidneys, etc. developing! I wish I could understand everything I saw, but that's okay. We still really enjoyed it and at our next appointment Dr. Terry will go over the radiology report with us. 

I had decided a couple weeks before our appointment that I wanted to find out the gender at the same time as our families. During the ultrasound I asked the technician to tell us when to look away so we could be surprised later that evening. I had some fun planning a small get-together and deciding how we wanted the gender revealed. A huge thank you to my talented sister-in-law Melissa for capturing a special night and a very special moment for us! I absolutely love all the pictures she took for us. 

The kids had a lot of fun with the chalk board :) Not my idea of what the chalk board would be used for, but that's okay! The final count was 8 votes for boy and 12 votes for girl. Ry said without a doubt it was a boy. I had no motherly instincts telling me either way haha but due to my symptoms and old wives tales I voted girl.

Adorable Nash! Such a happy boy. 
   Thanks to Pinterest I found a fun way to reveal the gender! We asked the ultrasound technician if she would put confetti in our pinata for us. We gave her a bag of pink and a bag of blue confetti and told her to keep the bag she didn't use (obviously). It was so much fun having the kids go at the pinata for a while!







But...after waiting for what seemed like forever and giving every kid a few tries, all they were doing was knocking extremities off the poor monkey. I was getting pretty dang antsy so I grabbed a different bat...a solid aluminum bat Ry guy made in high school. I figured it would do the trick!

Unfortunately all I did was make the monkey fly off the decided to have Ry give it a go. I pitched the monkey to him and that did the trick! It was actually really fun to have Ry be the one that finally got the pinata to break, so I don't regret not being able to do it myself :)

The second Ry hit that pinata I ran over to find a piece of confetti that would tell me what we've been waiting weeks to find out; if we would be having a baby girl or a baby boy. This is what the pinata held:

Ry was right! We are beyond excited for this little guy to join our family in December. We love him so much already and can't wait to see his sweet face!

It's a boy!!

Thank you so much to our family and friends for all of your love and support! We're so grateful to have you guys in our lives and feel so blessed. We love you!