Thursday, August 4, 2011

Our Week With Lil' B

Last week Ry and I got to have Brandon come visit us for a little bit. Because he was here we wanted to do a lot of fun things in the mornings, so we definitely had a busy and fun week!

Brandon got here Saturday night and Ry did not want to waste any time. We got home and put a little bit of food in him and then went shell hunting. We found a few cool ones :) they always end up being my most favorite souvenir. I don't have any pictures of them, but I have about a bajillion tiny ones and a good amount of big ones we're bringing home!

Sunday we went to our family ward despite Lil B’s insisting that we should go to the singles ward. Sorry bud! Church was really good that week, so I’m glad we went to our ward!

Anywhoo, Sunday we just kind of hung around and showed B a few of the lagoons by our place and then barbequed hamburgers for dinner. With grilled pineapple of course! Mmm. 

We got pictures of B on his camera...and we got pictures of me and Ry on our camera...but we didn't get pictures of all of us on anyone's camera! Oops!

The adventures really began Monday morning. Waking Lil’ B up wasn’t too terrible, since it was 11am Utah time haha. We first headed to the Maunawilli waterfall hike. The hike went a lot better this year for me…I didn’t fall in any rivers and managed to fall only one time. Success! I got some fun videos of the boys jumping off the cliff.

Ry and B hanging out

This sign always makes me a little nervous to get in the water :) …but it never seems to stop us. Please note that this picture was taken AFTER the hike. 

After Maunawilli we cruised over to our favorite boogie boarding beach – Sherwood. I think B loved it too! We ended up going back again before he left for home. We got to play there for about an hour before we had to leave to get our banana macadamia nut pancakes from the famous Boots and Kimos. Mmm!

Tuesday we decided to take B to (in my opinion the best beach ever) Nanakuli. I didn’t get pictures of us there that day, but Ry and I went again this week and I got some fun videos of Ry skimming and goofing around…so I feel it appropriate to show you these so you can see why I love Nanakuli so dearly.

I do have to say though, that it also can be the most terrifying beach ever. When we went this week the waves were absolutely ginormous. They would hit the beach and then cause a wave to shoot back towards the ocean and then crash into another wave to make a gigantic wave…bah. So scary!

I stayed out of the water and watched most of the time until I got brave enough to go play in it when it calmed down – unfortunately I didn’t get out before a set came in and swam helplessly with Ryan by my side trying to keep me from having a panic attack so I wouldn’t drown. The videos don’t do justice.  I do have to add…you know it’s a rough wave day at the beach when the second you show up the lifeguard hops on his four-wheeler and comes to ask you if you’ve ever been to this beach before. Because you’re white. Gotta love it :)

Regardless, any day at Nanakuli is a good day.

After Nanaku we stopped at what we lovingly call the “turtle beach”. It’s a little lagoon in Ko’Olina that has definitely earned its name. Every time we go there is at least one turtle, and often there are two or three. When we go there we pick seaweed off the rocks and hand feed the turtles. Unfortunately the awesome pictures and videos are on Brandon’s camera. Hopefully I will get to update the blog with them soon!

Wednesday was a very good day. We woke up early and drove to Laie to go to the temple. Beautiful. We were especially excited to go because last year when we lived here the temple was closed for reconstruction. AND, when we went to visit the temple grounds last year Ry had thrown up in the car a couple times and I was super mad that the drivers did not turn around…so it was good to go back when everyone was feeling good and happy and we got to do a session, which is always extremely uplifting and rejuvenating. I love the temple!

After we did a session we walked around the temple grounds and across the street to temple beach. It is such a pretty beach! Ry and I had stopped by there last year at night so it was fun to see is during the day.

After temple beach we started to head home. We did make a couple picture stops and stopped in Haleiwa for lunch at a yummy burger joint that Ry loves.  

 Perfect day!

Thursday was our Waikiki day. We did this a couple times last year and loved it so we wanted to make sure B got to do it too! B, Ry, and T-Rah each rented a board. Ry and I learned that it’s best to have someone off a board to help the others catch the waves :) We also learned that is can be dangerous.

This was 100% my fault. I do realize that. Ry warned me multiple times to make sure that the rope wasn’t caught around my ankle or arm. Oops! The crappy thing is…Tarah would have caught the wave had my arm not stopped her board. Dang.

I didn’t get pictures of us with the surfboards (of course), but here are a few Tarah and me with our matching sunglasses!

Take 1

Take 2

Take 3!

Surfing was definitely fun. I got up and rode a few waves all the way in!!

Friday we kind of slept in and didn’t make a huge effort to wake up early or drive anywhere far to do anything. And it was perfect. We all needed some sleep. We stayed close to home and went spear fishing at we so lovingly call “hidden beach” or “tree beach”. 

A while ago Ry had bought a waterproof bag meant for cameras or phones. Ry decided to use it when we went spear fishing. I’m not going to lie, I was skeptical about the zip lock-looking bag that Ryan was putting his phone into…but it worked great and kept his phone dry! Ry definitely got some awesome pictures and videos!

Can you see the eel?

 Brandon took the bus to Waikiki and Ry and I worked.

Church, lounge, and barbeque!

Sherwood again in the morning and B left that night.

What a great week!