Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dang it.

I am officially one of the worst bloggers! Let me explain why. It will only take four words. School. Work. Crappy internet. But as my Ry always says, "it's okay Liv, you don't need to justify it." Dang it. Well let me see what I can do to update this thing.

How about a million pictures with a few explanations? That seems to be the trend that this blog is taking. That's okay, pictures are more fun anyway! Right?

Look at my sexy bike!

Ryan and Troy pushing down actually was extremely entertaining :)
  When we got home from Hawaii we bought dirt bikes and tried to take every opportunity we could to ride them. We got to go to Idaho a couple times with some friends and absolutely loved it!

I HAVE to blog out most recent biking adventure next! Why? Because if I lose your interest before you get to the end you have to at least see this :) quite fun.

 So this last weekend we decided to go the to Knolls and camp out friday night. It was me, Ry, and Bryce. The three amigos squished in our tiny truck and cruised on out there. So so much fun. I have to say...I rode Ryan's bike! His bike is like a million times more powerful than mine. So fun. Granted, I didn't get out of first gear, but it was still fun!!
Bryce dug "I heart Ally" in the sand and we tried to light it on fire :) This was the best picture we got of it on fire.

The next morning a guy was flying around with a self-propelled parachute thingy and he landed and asked us if we wrote "I heart Ally" for him...random...Bryce asked him if he could take a picture from the sky. Somehow the camera got switched to video mode, so he got some good videos!

*Disclaimer* Do not try this at home.

I married a nerd. He was SO thrilled when he realized we would be at the Knolls on earth day and said that we HAD to celebrate by rolling a tire lit on fire down a hill. So we did!  Happy Earth Day? We were able to get a big fat tire from Rockwell and Ry had been saving old gas and oil for who-knows-how-long for this day. His dream finally came true. Good work sweetheart. I'm glad the mountain didn't catch on fire :)

After Ry was satisfied with the amount of black smoke he put into the atmosphere we crawled back into the truck and headed back to camp.

 Good morning! Holy cow my hair was a DISASTER. I slept in a mummy bag and I would turn back and forth, back and forth --and voila! Nice hair. I woke up in the morning hyperventilating and thanks to pathophysiology I sat there and tried to figure out why. This is what I came up with: when I woke up I was on my stomach and the bag was pretty much closed. I literally could not find the opening for about 15 seconds. Therefore, I was breathing my own air back in, meaning I was not exchanging CO2 with O2 and CO2 was building up giving me respiratory my body compensated by breathing faster to blow the CO2 off. Does that sound right anyone? Please correct me if I am wrong.....
This is also a fun story :) We received this tent for Christmas and this was our first time using it. Ry pulls the tent and the poles out and discovers that a pole is missing! Laaaaaaame. Luckily, the tent came with 2 out of the 3 poles so him and Bryce were able to Jimmy-rig it and get it standing. However, it did not stay standing throughout the night. Dang it.

,,,,,what an awesome weekend....


Our first Christmas married!!

 No worries, we eventually put a star on top and took that ridiculous-looking ornament off the top. It bothered Ry :)
 Best stocking ever! All my current cravings!

Right before I took off to work. I was pretty bummed I had to go in :(


Ry is amazing!! He completely surprised me with a trip to St. Geezy for a few days to go shopping and dirt biking! I married a sweetheart.

This was my first time riding in the sand...and to be honest, I HATED it at first. I couldn't make it up a dang hill!! But as the day went on I got more used to it and now I LOVE it! I think I would prefer sand over dirt...

Getting ready to go out to dinner on our anniversary
Ry enjoying his burger at Chili's

 So remember how we went to St. George to escape the snow so we could ride our bikes? Mother nature wasn't on our side. Dang snow. We were pretty bummed but we still had a lot of fun shopping and hanging out. I love spending down time with Ry!


 We had to take a picture in front of the "222" sign! On our first date we went bowling and we decided to have a competition between the couples. We won :) our score combined was 222...not fabulous, but good enough! When we were leaving we played an arcade game and won a ring that had lime-green hair and eyes...we named it 222 :)

Valentine's Day

I worked Valentines Day, nothing new. This would be the fourth year in a row. It was still great though. When I got home this is what I found....

Thank you babe for a great Valentine's Day! I love you.

Continuing on....

About a month and a half ago Carly and Roger bought a home and moved to Eagle Mountain. So...we moved with them! We would be living in a smaller basement with a lot less closet space, so we had to be creative :)

Ry is the KING of creating something from nothing. Yes, that is a PVC pipe and rope :)

Happy 25th Birthday my bebe!!

I officially threw the biggest party I have ever thrown. There were like 30+ people. It was quite the gathering :)

Hopefully it made up for it sorta lame birthday day though? He did get to go skiing, which was good....but I am a terrible planner and had no idea what to do that night. His friends were out of town so we couldn't really have a Ry and I went to dinner. Where? IHOP. Ry's choice. Why? Because we had a free meal coupon for his birthday :) Great times. I love you with all my heart Ry guy and I am so happy you are here!

Last but not least......

Back in October we watched Claire while Nate and Mel went to St. George for the marathon. Mel and Nate were SO dang sweet and gave us a Tucanos gift card and movie passes...we are a little bit slow but we finally went on a hot date and absolutely loved it! Thank you guys!!

Chicken Heart
Okay. NOW it is time to study :s oops. I shouldn't have started this today :) One more final to go and I have completed my 3rd semester of the nursing program!!