Monday, July 15, 2013

Baby Webb!

As most people already know due to our family and Facebook announcements, Ry and I are expecting! Baby Webb is due December 20th and we couldn't be more excited. 

We found out we were expecting April 13th while on a trip to St. George with a group of friends. It was hard to not have any alone time to be able to talk about it! St. George has found a special place in my heart. Ry proposed to me while we were on a trip with a group of friends down there. We returned there to celebrate our first and third anniversaries. While visiting the St. George temple during our third anniversary, Ry expressed to me that he felt like it was the right time to expand our family. Three months later we returned to St. George and discovered we were expecting!

I called a couple days after we got home to schedule my first doctors appointment. I was disappointed to learn that my appointment wouldn't happen for nearly seven weeks. Longest seven weeks. Of. My. Life. It was terrifying to not have any clue if everything was going well. I had hardly any signs or symptoms of pregnancy until I was 10 weeks and was terrified that something was going to be wrong. I think I took a total of five or six pregnancy tests over that seven weeks...

FINALLY May 29th came along and we went to our first appointment. We got to meet our doctor and sit down and ask him any questions we had. Afterwards we went into an exam room and he did a mini ultrasound. The second I saw the baby come into view and saw his or her little heart beating, my heart calmed. I could have stayed there for hours. 

Because I'm a worrier, I was only comforted for a couple weeks before I was anxious to get back into the doctors office to listen to my little one's heart. I was too impatient to wait for my appointment so I searched Amazon for a doppler and my sweet Ry bought it for me. It has become one of my favorite possessions very quickly. We listen and count the heartbeat at least every other day :) 

After entering the second trimester and going to the doctor one more time we decided to tell our families and the world. We told our families with mini (aka baby) cupcakes that had "plus" signs on them to represent a positive pregnancy test. It took them a minute to figure it out and one brother-in-law asked if they were "religious cupcakes", thinking they were crosses rather than plus signs :) Ry's family was surprised and very thrilled. My family, on the other hand, saw it coming. I think I gave it away when I had to run out of my brother's wedding to throw up due to "food poisoning" haha. They were also very excited. 

After telling our families we told close friends followed by the world on Facebook. A BIG thank you to my sweet and talented sister-in-law Mel for taking our announcement pictures for us!

We are so thrilled for this journey to begin and can't wait for this baby to come. I am already so in love with our little one and I can't wait until he or she comes into this world!